St. Louis Anti-Declaw Bill to Have Final Vote December 13

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St. Louis Anti-Declaw Bill to Have Final Vote on December 13 –

December 6, 2019 – St. Louis, Missouri Board Bill 140, which originally included a declaw ban, had been amended, sometime after its introduction, to allow veterinarians to continue to declaw without restriction or accountabilty. The bill’s revised language would have allowed vets to declaw if they felt in their judgement that the cat could pose a health risk to its owners. This false and dangerous notion has been discredited by scientific evidence and would totally and completely make the the declaw ban worthless.

Fortunately, Alderwoman Christine Ingrassia eloquently and persuasively convinced her colleagues to eliminate the exception. Today’s Board vote was 18-1 to removed the dangerous exception. A highlight of the proceedings was when Alderman Joseph Vollmer suggested in Board Chambers that the honorable Alderman from the 23rd Ward, who had cast the lone dissenting vote, be declawed. The final vote on the bill is currently planned for December 13.

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