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The Honorable Jane Doe

RE: In Support of an Anti-Declaw Ordinance

Dear Councilmember/Supervisor/Assemblymember/etc. NAME:

Please consider enacting a ban on declawing of cats in the city of ___________.

Declawing is a separate amputation of each of the last bones in cats’ toes.

Declawing a cat puts that cat at a higher risk of losing its home because of the behavior problems (biting and litter box avoidance) that occur after declawing. Statistics show that declawed cats are more likely to be relinquished. Because they are more likely to lose their homes, declawed cats put an extra burden on the already over-burdened animal shelter system.

Declawing a cat to protect a child or immunocompromised person is not recommended by physicians because a declawed cat is more likely to bite.

Declawing with laser is still an amputation of the last bones in cats’ toes and is just as painful or maybe even more painful as other methods of declawing.

There are many humane alternatives to declawing. Routine nail trims, appropriate scratching posts, Soft Paws (vinyl sheaths that fit over the nail), and double sided sticky tape all work well.

Declawing is illegal in much of the rest of the world. It is considered inhumane and characterized as mutilation. Please make the city more humane towards our companion animals.

Thank you very much,



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