Daniel Filion – Consultant, Feline Behavior (Comportement Félin)

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    Daniel Filion

    Daniel Filion is a Feline Behavior Consultant based in Montréal.

    Daniel Filion is known as the The Cat EduCATor (EduCHATeur in French). His firm of 15 consultants, based in Montréal, averages more than 300 private consultations per year and helps many shelters with his Cat Behavior Shelter Program. Daniel is also very active in the French media, hosting the cat portion of the national TV show ANIMO at Radio-Canada. He’s also a columnist with various well known magazines, newspapers and websites.

    Daniel has trained with many renowned non-veterinarian and veterinarian behaviorists. Currently more than 75 veterinary clinics refer their clients to his firm and half of these clinics have opted for his Cat Friendly Hospital Program.

    Daniel teaches widely, using his unique combination of humor and simple concepts to get cat owners to enjoy learning about cat behavior. He reaches overs 2000 owners each year, traveling to many French countries.

    He also has created a cat behavior website and Facebook French page (EduCHATeur). He uses his skills to educate people on the alternatives to declawing. He firmly believes that by educating people and making them try the right alternative methods, they will soon realize that declawing is unnecessary. He advocates talking about the alternatives rather than engaging in moralizing debates about declawing.