Enid Stiles, DVM, MSc – Director, Paw Project-Quebec

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    Enid Stiles, DVM, MSc

    Dr. Enid Stiles is Director, Paw Project-Quebec.

    Dr. Stiles is passionate about helping animals and their families by providing excellent care and compassion to all of her patients, no matter how big or small. She has been working very hard since 2002 at increasing her knowledge and experience in Veterinary Behavior Medicine. She has achieved this by seeing over 600 behaviour cases and by completing a Clinical Masters degree in veterinary behavior medicine. Feline behavior cases are common place and she has seen the direct result of declawing on behavior. As a founding member of Vets without Borders Canada, Dr. Stiles has also been fortunate to work with people and animals around the world. She believes strongly in working for and with communities in need to foster the health and welfare of animals, people and the environments that sustain us all.

    In 2009, when Dr. Stiles opened her very own veterinary hospital, Sherwood Park Animal Hospital, she was adamant that it be a pro-claw clinic. She believes that change is possible, one case at a time. It is her life-long dream to make this procedure a thing of the past in North America. By working together with the Paw Project, she believes change IS possible.

    Dr. Stiles lives in the west island of Montréal and has three children, a dog named Bruce, two cats, Hero and Frank, and a simply fantastic husband!