Hugh Chisholm, DVM – Director, Paw Project-Atlantic Canada

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    Hugh Chisholm, DVM

    Dr. Hugh Chisholm is Director, Paw Project-Atlantic Canada.

    Dr. Hugh Chisholm is the Director of Paw Project-Atlantic Canada, which includes the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. In 1987, Dr. Hugh Chisholm and his wife, Kathy, opened Atlantic Cat Hospital, the first veterinary hospital in Atlantic Canada devoted exclusively to cats and their owners, which he operated until 2010.

    Dr. Chisholm is currently agent/publisher at Ailurophile Publishing, which has produced Kathy Chisholm’s books: “Urban Tigers – Tales of a Cat Vet”, “Urban Tigers Two – More Tales of a Cat Vet”, and “ME: A Memoir by Tuxedo Stan”.

    Dr. Chisholm also works with local cat rescue groups in Halifax, NS. He manages the Tuxedo Party Facebook Page, the @TuxedoParty & @TuxedoEarlGrey Twitter accounts, as well as the website

    Dr. Chisholm recently asked the Nova Scotia Veterinary Medical Association to ban declawing surgery in the province. The declaw ban was approved in December 2017. Dr. Chisholm believes that banning the surgery is long overdue, noting that it’s already prohibited in over 22 countries. “It’s a barbaric mutilation that does nothing to benefit the cat,” Dr. Chisholm says. “It’s something that should become history. It’s an embarrassment to our profession.”