Ingrid Johnson, CCBS – Director, Paw Project-Georgia (Feline Behavior)

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    Ingrid Johnson

    Certified Cat Behavior Consultant Ingrid Johnson is Co-Director, Paw Project-Georgia.

    Ingrid Johnson is a Certified Cat Behavior Consultant (CCBC) through The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC).

    Ingrid owns and operates Fundamentally Feline, providing consultations worldwide for clients experiencing behavior challenges with their cat(s). In addition to behavior consults, Ingrid also offers medicating consultations to help clients overcome, or get ahead of, medicating challenges. Prevention and training, the best medicine! She makes her own line of feline foraging toys, scratching posts, vertical space, and litter boxes. She lectures nationwide on cat behavior at veterinary conferences such as AAFP, VMX, ACVC and the like. She is the Hospital Manager, tech and groomer at Paws Whiskers and Claws, a feline-only veterinary hospital, and has been working exclusively with cats since 1999. Animal welfare and has been her passion since her early teens and she has been working toward societal change in this arena ever since, encompassing all areas of animal exploitation including domestic cruelty, animals in research, factory farming, and the like.

    In the Fall of 2016, a paper she co-authored, “Food puzzles for cats: Feeding for physical and emotional well-being”, was published in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery (JFMS) and to compliment it she co-developed To date it is the most popular and widely downloaded paper in the history of the journal. Ingrid’s home, cats, and environmental enrichment expertise has been featured on Animal Planet’s Cats101 show and featured in numerous publications including the website WebMD. She has created a series of educational How-To videos of her own, viewable on Fundamentally Feline’s website and YouTube channel. Ingrid regularly interviews and offers her expertise for various media outlets. She is Co-Director of Paw Project-Georgia, working towards ending the cruel practice of de-clawing cats.

    Cat Fancy magazine’s 2008 “Home Issue” showcased her feline friendly accommodations and the aesthetically pleasing ways you can provide for your cats innate basic needs while still having a home the humans can enjoy. Ingrid is a huge advocate for enrichment and is determined to thwart the belief that one’s home will look unsightly in efforts to provide it.

    Ingrid shares her home with husband Jake, and four rescue cats, Hitch, Soren, Finn and Tonka. Fundamentally Feline can be followed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.