Jacqueline Munera, CCBC, PCBC, CAP 2 – Consultant, Feline Behavior

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    Certified Feline Behavior Consultant Jacqueline Munera

    Certified Feline Behavior Consultant Jacqueline Munera.

    Jacqueline Munera is a Certified Cat Behavior Consultant and is co-instructor of the Companion Animal Sciences Institute’s Diploma of Feline Behavior program. She has a B.A. in Honors Biological Psychology from New College of Florida, where she pursued studies on animal cognition and behavior, and thesis work on coat color as an indicator of cat personality.

    Jacqueline presents nationally and internationally on a variety of cat training and behavior topics and has published multiple award-winning cat and dog related articles. While never being an advocate for partial-toe amputations (declawing) on cats, she didn’t realize the extent of the devastation caused by the procedure until working with shelters to design and implement cat behavior programs.

    One of her rescued four-paw declawed cats, Daphne, has the unfortunate honor of being in The Paw Project documentary. Another of her adopted cats, Jazzmanda, was the first feline Delta Society Pet Partner registered in the Tampa Bay area. Jazzmanda and another adopted cat, Pedro, have starred in winning videos for Karen Pryor’s clicker-training film festivals.

    She is especially interested in promoting positive attitudes about cats through her consulting business, Positive Cattitudes. Her CD, done in partnership with Carol Byrnes, “What is My Cat Saying?” Feline Communication 101 is available at www.dogwise.com. You can see some of her videos, articles and schedule for upcoming presentations on her website www.PositiveCattitudes.com.