Jennifer Doll, DVM – Director, Paw Project-Maine

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    Jennifer Doll, DVM

    Dr. Jennifer Doll is Director, Paw Project-Maine

    Born and raised in Minnesota, Dr. Jennifer (Jenni) Doll graduated from the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine in 1991 and worked as an associate in a private small animal practice near Seattle until 1999. After moving to Iowa, Dr. Doll worked with several animal welfare organizations and has testified in several neglect cases. She has also worked with law enforcement in cases involving cougars, emus, a black bear and other wildlife.

    In 2010, Dr. Doll was awarded the first-ever Direct Care Practitioner of the Year by the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association presented – by HSVMA Leadership Council member and Paw Project team member Dr. Nicholas Dodman – for her work in helping prosecute animal cruelty cases and as a founder of the non-profit, Witty Kitties Inc., that cares for special needs cats and provides medical care for rescued wildlife and exotics. Jenni had to sedate and move a 600 pound boar from an interstate median has been bitten by a timber rattlesnake, and cared for 10-foot alligators, giant pythons, and black bears, among other crazy former “pets”.

    In 2013, Dr. Doll helped to open the Iowa Humane Alliance Veterinary Services. Since then, the clinic has performed over 90,000 spay and neuter surgeries using methods set forth by the Humane Alliance, approximately 90% done by her. Jenni has recently semi-retired and is working at the new Maine Animal Health Alliance performing the same services, just not in her former insane capacity.