Willem-Jan van Deijck, DVM – Director, Paw Project-Florida

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    Dr. Willem-Jan van Deijck

    Dr. Willem-Jan van Deijck is Director, Paw Project-Florida.

    Dr. Willem-Jan van Deijck worked for several years in a very busy 24/7 emergency clinic in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, where he gained a great deal of experience in both emergency work, including surgery, as well as regular veterinary care. In 2003–2004 he was on Dutch National Television, filmed by a camera team during his regular working hours (day and night) to get an impression of the life of a veterinarian in an emergency animal hospital.

    In 2005 Dr. van Deijck came with his wife and two children to start a new life in beautiful Florida. After four years working in Palm Coast, he realized his biggest dream – opening his own clinic. With his team and experience gained over 15 years, he provides the best care possible for the animal members of the family. Having a Boxer and an English bulldog (both rescue animals) at home, Dr. van Deijck knows how strong the bond can be between a pet and owner.

    Dr. van Dejick has a strict no-declaw policy in his practice. He says, “While we respect anyone’s opinion on these procedures, we at Pet Street Veterinary Care Center have strong ethical beliefs against declawing, ear cropping and tail docking.”

    Dr. van Dejick spends most of his free time with his wife Barbara and their two kids, Tobias and Alisa. Besides being a family man, he loves martial arts, soccer and golf. Dr. van Dejick is a member and past president of the Volusia Flagler Veterinary Medical Association (VFVMA) and is currently a member of the following professional organizations: AAHA, AAFP, AVMA, FVMA and the Ormond Beach Chambers of Commerce.