Denver Bans Declawing

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Denver City Council passes feline declawing ban.

November 13, 2017 โ€“ The Denver City Council voted unanimously to ban the practice on November 13, 2017. Declaw critics have labeled the procedure, which is common in most states, as inhumane. Denver is the first municipality in the country outside of California to ban declawing. Since 2003, eight cities in California have adopted Paw Project sponsored anti-declaw ordinances. Public opinion was strongly behind the bill.

Paw Project Director Colorado Dr. Aubrey Lavizzo had worked for several years on crafting the ordinance and had built powerful and effective coalitions of support. Paw Project Founder Dr. Jennifer Conrad and Paw Project Director and Pain Management expert Dr. Robin Downing also testified before the 13-member City Council.

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