Alberta Veterinarians Call For End to Declawing

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Alberta Vets Ban Declawing and Other Unnecessary Surgery โ€“

February 3, 2019 โ€“ The Alberta Veterinary Medical Association voted “overwhelmingly” to pass two resolutions to ban declawing and other surgeries they consider to be unnecessary, such as ear cropping, tendonectomy, body piercing, and tail nicking. The second resolution would require veterinarians and veterinary technicians to report cases of animal abuse and neglect. The measures will have “significant impact on animal welfare in Alberta,” the group said in a press release.

Dr. Heather Pineo, Paw Project-Alberta Director said, “I was very proud of the overwhelming support from AbVMA members for the anti-declaw and cosmetic surgery bylaw vote in Alberta. The Paw Project did a fantastic job of building awareness and momentum leading up to the vote and providing facts and scientific evidence to those who felt they needed clarification.”

Dr. Darrell Dalton, Registrar for the Veterinary Association, said, “It’s keeping us leaders of animal welfare. I’m grateful for our members who have demonstrated such a profound commitment to their role as guardians of animal welfare in our province by voting in favor of these resolutions.”

“The veterinary profession is a very science-based, evidence-based profession,” Dalton said. “These procedures are ones that have no scientific evidence, no basis for doing them on a health basis or on an animal welfare basis.”