Banfield Announces New No-Declaw Position

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Banfield Pet Hospitals Announces New No-Declaw Position–

January 11, 2019 – Banfield Pet Hospitals have announced a new No-Declaw Position. Banfield hospital’s veterinarians will no longer provide declaw procedures except when performed “to relieve pet pain or illness.

Banfield stated, “Every medical procedure supported by our practice has been put in place with the health and wellness of pets in mind and, based on this, we do not support the elective declawing (removal of normal digits) of any animal. Current evidence does not support the use of elective declawing surgery as an alternative to relinquishment, abandonment, or euthanasia. This position statement aligns with the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) Declawing Position Statement and current bans in various US cities and municipalities.”

The statement said their new policy included “surgical onychectomy, digital flexor tendonectomy, or phalangectomy”…and “includes surgical procedures performed with a laser.”

Paw Project Director Dr. Jennifer Conrad applauded the decision saying, “We thank Banfield for recognizing the overwhelming scientific evidence that proves that declawing is an inhumane and outdated procedure, which is harmful to cats and humans.”

Banfield operates over 1000 pet hospitals in the U.S. with 3500 veterinarians and 14,000 employees. Banfield Pet Hospitals is owned by Mars Petcare, which also owns the veterinary hospital chains, VCA and Blue Pearl.