Illinois Anti-Declaw Bill Passes House

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Illinois Anti-Declaw Bill, HB 1533, Passes House–

March 16, 2023 –
Illinois Anti-Declaw Bill HB 1533 passed the Illinois House of Representatives with a floor vote of 67-38. The bill would make non-therapeutic declawing illegal and was authored by State Representative Barbara Hernandez. The Paw Project, HSUS, HSVMA, Alley Cat Allies, and ALDF were among the organizations supporting the bill.

The bill now will go to the state Senate for committee hearings. The bill must pass the state Senate and be signed by the governor before becoming law.

“I am so grateful for Representative Barbara Hernandez’s leadership on this bill on behalf of these precious animals,” said Jennifer Conrad, DVM, a veterinarian and the founder/director of the Paw Project. “Illinois may join New York and Maryland and be one of the most humane states in the US. We hope to pass anti-declaw bills in as many states as we can to save more cats as soon as possble. We especially wish to thank Marc Ayers, Illinois State Director of HSUS for organizing support for this bill.”