Janet Gordon Palm, DVM – Director, Paw Project-Colorado

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    Dr. Janet Gordon Palm

    Dr. Janet Gordon Palm is Director, Paw Project-Colorado Western Slope.

    Dr. Janet Gordon Palm is a practicing veterinarian of 33 years whose passion, energy and enthusiasm for veterinary medicine continues to increase. Dr. Gordon Palm graduated from Kansas State University in 1981 and practiced in Minnesota for 27 years before relocating to Colorado. During her 27 years at New Hope Animal Hospital, she provided medical and surgical care for small animals, avian, and exotics, and proudly proclaimed New Hope Animal Hospital to be “Declaw Free!” Since moving to Colorado, she continues speaking out against declawing as a Paw Project Director.

    Dr. Gordon Palm’s other interests include her involvement in Parelli Natural Horsemanship and she uses the behavior principles of respecting body language in all of the species she works with. This results in an enhanced veterinary experience for all. She has used Low Level Laser Therapy for the past several years, which has opened the doors to other integrative modalities.

    Dr. Gordon Palm strives for all animals and people to have an outstanding quality of life, and encourages people to express their passions in living life outrageously!