Declawing isn't like getting a manicure or trimming your finger nails. Declawing is amputation. It is the equivalent of removing the tips of your fingers down to the first knuckle. Help us put a stop to this unnecessary and inhumane practice!


Facts About Declawing

  • Declawing is amputation; it is not merely the removal of the claws. To declaw a cat, the veterinarian cuts off the last knuckles of a cat's paw – cutting through bone, tendons, skin and nerves. In a person, it is equivalent to amputating each finger or toe at the last joint.
  • Declaw surgery can be an extremely painful procedure with associated health risks and complications such as infection.
  • Declaw surgery can produce permanent lameness, pain or arthritis.
  • Declawing is the same mutilating procedure for house cats or big cats.
  • More about feline declawing and humane alternatives to declaw surgery »

Help BAN DECLAWING in the state of New York

If you are a New York resident, please write a support letter to the address below - and please send copies to your own state representatives.
The Honorable William Magee, Chair, Committee on Agriculture
New York State Assembly
Legislative Office Building 828
Albany, NY 12248

Here's a sample letter to help you get started!

CLICK HERE to help defeat Oregon Bill HB 3494-A (as written). Ask Oregon lawmakers to remove loopholes that will allow continued declawing and devocalization of animals.



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