Delaware Anti-Declaw Bill Released by Health Committee

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Delaware Anti-Declaw Bill, HB 333, Released by Health Committee –

May 12, 2022 –
Delaware Anti-Declaw Bill HB 333 was release by the House Health Committee according to the bill’s author, Representative Andria Bennett. The bill would make nontherapeutic declawing illegal. The Paw Project is a supporter of the bill.

Representative Bennett wrote, “I’m happy to share that the House Health Committee released my bill HB 333, which would prohibit the practice of declawing a cat in Delaware.”

“Declawing is cruelty, plain and simple, and with so many low-cost and pain-free alternatives available, there is no reason to allow this barbaric practice to continue. Declawing is being rejected as an acceptable practice by jurisdictions around the world. Declawing is illegal in 28 counties as well as most of Canada. In the US the practice is illegal in New York, Maryland and 13 other cities.”

“I’m so grateful for organizations like the Animal Legal Defense Fund, the The Humane Society of the United States, the Delaware Humane Association, Faithful Friends Animal Society, and The Paw Project for their support.”