Maryland Anti-Declaw Bill Goes to Governor

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MD Anti-Declaw Bill to go to Governor –

April 4, 2022 –
Maryland’s Anti-Declaw Bills, SB67 and HB22, have passed with strong bipartisan votes in both of Maryland’s legislative chambers. The bills would make nontherapeutic declawing illegal and were authored by State Senator Cheryl Kagan and State Delegate Lorig Charkoudian. Paw Project Director and Founder Dr. Jennifer Conrad provided testimony at the virtual Committee hearings.

“Our beloved kitties, who cannot advocate for themselves, need us to protect them. I am so proud that Maryland will become just the second state to ban the cruel practice of declawing our cats. Delegate Charkoudian and I are grateful to the Paw Project, the many humane organizations, and pet lovers from across Maryland who contacted their legislators and helped to get this bill passed,” said Senator Kagan. The law will go into effect when signed by Governor Larry Hogan.